Yo WhatsApp APP Download Latest Version Free for Android

WhatsApp is the chat application used by many people today. Its popularity is due to its practical appearance and ease of use on any smartphone. The fact that WhatsApp can also be accessed on a PC makes it even easier to work with. However, unfortunately, there are limitations in some features. As a result, many mods of the official WhatsApp with new features have appeared. Yo WhatsApp APP Download is one of them.

Yo WhatsApp APP Download Latest Version Free for Android

What is Yo WhatsApp APP Download?

Yo WhatsApp APP Download comes with various interesting features that are not available on the official WhatsApp. This App was developed by Yousef Al-Basha and handed over its development to Fouad Mokdad. Although the look is the same, Yo WhatsApp APP Download is arguably more complete compared to the official Whatsapp. Yo WhatsApp APP Download has been modified for the convenience of users. Many new features have been developed on top of the official WhatsApp's original functions. And Yo WhatsApp APP Download has greatly improved security.

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What are the features of Yo WhatsApp APP Download?

Like most other modified apps, this app was created because the developers felt uncomfortable using the official version of WhatsApp. By using Yo WhatsApp APP Download, you can have a more comfortable and interesting messaging experience. This is why many people are interested in using this app. Here are the excellent features of Yo WhatsApp APP Download that you need to know.

Exclusive features

A large selection of themes

Tired of having the same software theme interface as your friends? With Yo WhatsApp APP Download you have a large selection of themes that you can use as you wish. Unlike the original WhatsApp which only offers 2 theme options, namely light and dark, Yo WhatsApp APP Download has up to 3000 themes to choose from. The interesting thing is that you can get all these themes for free.

Ability to send multiple photos

Not only is it used for sending messages, but sometimes WhatsApp is also used to send photos and videos. In the original WhatsApp, it only allows you to send 30 photos and videos at a time. If you want to send more than that, you need to do it gradually. This feels annoying, doesn't it? With Yo WhatsApp APP Download, you are able to send many photos and videos at the same time in one send. You no longer need to bother remembering where the photos you've sent are. Obviously, this is much more efficient and reduces the likelihood of duplicate sending.

No reduction in photo quality

Photo and video quality compression is a frequent problem for official WhatsApp users. This happens when you send a photo or video and when you are in the upload state. This problem is perfectly solved by Yo WhatsApp APP Download, which does not compress your image quality whether you are sending a photo or uploading a status.

Removing the "last seen" status

The presence of a "last seen" status can often indicate when the person was last online. When you activate the "last seen" status, it means that you can see when someone was last online and they can see when you were last online. However, for some users, the presence of this status can sometimes be uncomfortable. In Yo WhatsApp APP Download, you can remove this status so that others do not know when you were last online. However, you can still see the "last seen" status of others.

Filtering calls

An interesting feature of Yo WhatsApp APP Download is that you can filter the calls that come into your WhatsApp. Sometimes, when you're busy, you don't want to get calls from anyone or even a few people. However, you still need to have the internet open. Then, with this application, you can manage who can contact you or reject all calls at a certain time. When you activate this function, people who contact you will be automatically rejected.

Other features of Yo WhatsApp APP Download:

  • Added exclusive feature of rejecting calls with different options
  • Added an exclusive double-tap feature to react to messages as you like.
  • Enabled listening to voice prompts after leaving a chat and in the background.
  • Added no internet option for rejecting a type of call when staying on a call.
  • Added a 'direct contact link' option. This allows you to quickly share any contact without having to send saved data.
  • Added the option to confirm the status of a video or image before sending it.
  • Added the option to back up chats on new pages.
  • Added new languages for translations.
  • Improved to start moving WhatsApp to a new folder location.
  • Improved translations for settings.
  • Yo WhatsApp Themes and Backup/Restore Settings pages now show folder locations.
  • Yo WhatsApp Themes folder moved to /Download/ Yo WhatsApp Themes.
  • Enhanced anti-ban
  • Other fixes and improvements to Yo WhatsApp.

How do I install Yo WhatsApp APP?

Although the process is very similar, in this section we are going to make two clear distinctions; on the one hand, we will explain how to install Yo WhatsApp APP to replace the original WhatsApp, and on the other hand, how to install Yo WhatsApp APP when you already have the official WhatsApp.

Installing Yo WhatsApp APP by deleting the original WhatsApp

The first step is to uninstall the original WhatsApp. in addition, it is a good idea to make a backup. The way to uninstall WhatsApp varies depending on the phone.

Now we must go to the file manager and inside the downloads folder we will find the previously installed version of Yo WhatsApp APP. Click on the Yo WhatsApp APK and it will automatically take us to the Android Installer. Yo WhatsApp APK is in the Android File Manager.

The second step is that you should click on Install to start the installation process.

It may take a few seconds to install and when the installation is complete, it will notify us that the application has been installed. Once the installation is complete open the app.

It will ask for permission to access the media storage, so we click Allow. Allow WhatsApp to access the media storage and you will have permission.

Now let's choose to restore our local backup, which must be within the regular /sd/whatsapp/, click Restore or OK and continue. We select the option we want and continue. Restore a copy of WhatsApp or not.

In the next step, we must enter our phone number, click on the "Next" button and if it is correct, click on "OK" and if we have confused a number, click on "Edit" to verify the phone number.

After that, it will automatically send an SMS to verify that the number is correct. Next, we have to select the Google Drive account where we save the backup.

After this step, we must fill in our profile information and click Next. We can set a name of up to 20 characters.

After completing this step, you may be asked if you want to give NFC permission, if the phone supports this technology, then we will end up enjoying Yo WhatsApp APP.

Installing Yo WhatsApp APP without deleting the original WhatsApp

Given that the process is practically the same, we will not repeat this as the tutorial would be unnecessarily lengthy. Please note that if you install another WhatsApp APK associated with the same SIM card, the first WhatsApp will stop working.

How do I update Yo WhatsApp APP to the latest version?

Updates to Yo WhatsApp APP are not done automatically, for example with the official WhatsApp, and yes, perhaps this is its biggest obstacle. Therefore, it is recommended to always keep an eye on new versions. We recommend that you save this page in your favorites so that Yo WhatsApp APP is always up to date.

Therefore, if we use a version of Yo WhatsApp APP that is out of date, we will have to update to the latest version by first uninstalling the old version and then installing the latest version. It is not possible to overwrite the application by installing a new one after it has been installed, you will receive an error that the application is not installed.

Other mods of official WhatsApp

Of course, you can also find out about the other different versions of the official WhatsApp mods by clicking on the links below. They offer different features. But what is the same is that they are all variations on the official WhatsApp and are therefore very secure and reliable.

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Final Words

Yo WhatsApp APP is perfect for those who want new features but are concerned about their data or the security of their own phone privacy. If you are interested in this feature, you can download Yo WhatsApp APP by clicking the button below and by using and comparing it you will see that Yo WhatsApp APP is a very powerful piece of software.

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